Lions excellent work with 'Message In A Bottle' praised at NHSi Orthotic Collaboration meeting in London

Lion Jack Farrell from Romiley and Marple Lions has recently been raising the profile of the Message In A Bottle Scheme in Greater Manchester. Jack has been communicating with Graham Nuttall who, in turn, has been spreading the good word of the work carried out by the Lions at a recent meeting of the NHSi Orthotic Collaboration in London in September 2019.

Graham said: "It was humbling knowing that all had heard of the “Message In a Bottle” scheme and understand the benefits of the campaign. A Patient representative who proudly has a “message in the bottle” in her fridge joined in the discussion of the great work carried out by the Lions.

Claire Marshall's recommendation was to spread the word through the primary care commissioning groups. Graham Nuttall also discussed the benefit for University under graduates whom may be away from home and in hall for the first time.

The NHSi Orthotic Collaboration are a group of service users and health professionals who believe that NHS Orthotics provision in England needs radical reform.

(Pictured Left to Right). NHSi Orthotic Collaboration 25/09/2019 London. Graham Nuttall, Professional Orthotic Lead for East Lancashire. Claire Marshall, Experience of Care Lead - Acute Care in the Patient Experience Team at NHS England. Caroline Poole the Deputy Clinical Director and Professional Head of Allied Health Professions. Also present at the workshop was Rebecca Loo, founder of The Orthotics Campaign.










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