Romiley and Marple Lions donate £500 to ‘Over The Rainbow’ Charity Shop in aid of Motor Neurone Disease

Romiley and Marple Lions have been active in their local area throughout the year and since the ‘lockdown’ due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The Club cannot meet or fundraise at present but were able to apply for a $1000 emergency grant from Lions International.

The Lion Club’s quick application resulted in the grant being given and it was agreed by The Lions to donate £500 to Sue Thompson’s ‘Over The Rainbow’ Charity Shop in Romiley who has done amazing work supporting the Motor Neurone Disease Charity. The shop has been closed for six months and the Lions were very pleased to hear that the shop has now re-opened after a number of setbacks over the summer,

So far Sue and her team have raised a fantastic £50,000 since first opening in 2014. Sue set the shop up in memory of her Brother Steve.

Lion member Phil Daniels said: “The Lions hope that the donation will give a well deserved boost to Sue and her brilliant volunteers and it is really great that the shop has now re-opened. We look forward to working alongside Sue and her team in the future and are always happy to help and support ‘Over The Rainbow’!

Sue Thompson from Over the Rainbow said: "Thank you so much to Romiley and Marple Lions for this fantastic and very valuable donation to help us to be able to help people with Motor Neurone Disease. The Lions have helped us so many times now and it's always a lovely surprise. Thank you so very much."

Pictured above: Sue Thompson and Lion Phil Daniels celebrating the re-opening of Over The Rainbow MND Charity shop.




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